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How to strip (remove) a sealant

A few notes before we look into the actual methods:

  • Sealants have different durabilities towards such things, while a Carbauba wax may be quite easy to remove, a ceramic coating is a completely different animal
  • the Chemical methods can counterintuitively make everything bead better again when the stuff was just mega clogged, they might need multiple rounds to be successful or don’t work at all with your Sealant
  • most of the Chemical Methods work by overconcentating products and using them against manufactures recommendations. If you do that you do that on your own risk, to a test spot in a inconspicuous spot and use common sense. Be extra careful at that point.
  • all of these methods are referencing a clean car, so your first job is a regular clean of the car
  • these methods are sorted by chemical removal first, mechanical second, and from mild to strong

Now lets look at the possible methods:

Highly concentrated Soap

For this method you take a wet mitt/towel and put some soap directly on it. The Tensides of the soap can strip lighter waxes in those concentrations. Rinse the car immediately after.

High pH Contact Wash

For this you use high pH basic product, put it in your mitt directly (as concentrated as the manufacturer allows) and wash over the car, if needed multiple times to break down the sealant. The combination of the contact wash and the high pH is what removes the sealant here. Rinse quickly, don’t let that solution sit on your car.


Claying is a can remove some sealants but doesn’t have to, don’t be surprised if everything is intact still after. Sometimes claying can be enough to remove the sealant.

Meguiars Wash+

Not available in the US anymore but if you can get it absolutely amazing, works both chemically and through micro abrasives that are included in the soap. My preferred method.


This method will remove even the strongest ceramic coating by simply removing the layer of paint the coating has bonded to. For the most part a very light polish will do, only few things need more than that. Ultimate aggression (clearcoat removal) for ultimate results

Updated on 9 July 2023

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