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How will CarPro Iron X affect my wax or sealant?

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Some users have brought up questions about whether using Iron X on paint would strip your LSP, so I did some testing on a Jeep Compass in dire need of a wash.

I’ve used Iron-X previously and it helps keep Gloss Coat fresh and free of contamination. It brings coatings back to life, but how would it react with regular sealants, carnauba waxes, and spray waxes?


Complete album.

Wash Method

  • Washed the hood with Carpro Reset as to not introduce any gloss enhancers, wax, or fillers to the paint.
  • After washing, the vehicle was clay barred with Meguiars mild clay using the Reset as lube. Not much came off the paint.
  • To prep the surface for the LSPs, Carpro Eraser was used.

LSP Application

The hood was divided into six sections with 3M automotive tape and two products from each brand were used on each section. They were applied per their directionswith their own applicators, and they were allowed to cure for their directed time. Afterwards the waxes and sealants were buffed off using clean towels.

  1. For Menzerna: Powerlock, a traditional sealant; and Colorlock, a regular carnauba wax.
  2. From Ammo: Skin, the sealant; and Crème, the wax.
  3. From Chemical Guys: XXX wax and V07 spray sealant. CG XXX wax isn’t a regular carnauba – there’s something in there that gives it a little more durability.

After letting each sit for about 10 minutes, I applied four sprays of Iron-X to cover each section. After about five minutes, I agitated the Iron-X with wash mitt, let it sit for another minute, then went to rinsing. The video linked below is from the initial rinse.


  • Powerlock was fine, like nothing happened to it.
  • Colorlock was gone.
  • Crème was also gone.
  • Skin stood strong, similar to Powerlock.
  • XXX was a bit surprising. It actually held up pretty well.
  • V07 was all but gone.


Carnauba waxes and spray waxes/sealants look like they come off pretty easily with some Iron X. They aren’t very durable on their own, so not totally surprised by this. Believe that even after a few washes with regular soap you’d be putting your spray wax/sealant or beauty wax in jeopardy anyway.

The sealants didn’t seem to have much of any change, even for only being on the paint for 10 to 15 minutes. And from what has been seen, coatings hold up no problem either when introduced to Iron X.

Updated on 21 November 2022

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