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Is there “the Best Product X”

No, there rarely is. What may be the best product for someone specifically might not be the best for you yourself.

A good product depends on how much it fits you. There are areas in detailing where the competition is so very close that most products you will find are good, and others where the difference is greater. Also remember that product testers and influencers test for stuff that they can easily test – but that has not all that much value in many cases. Few test for material safety for example, because it is almost impossible, unless you want to spend half a year and a significant amount of money on a video for just one product/product category. There are many good products and one of the biggest factors is what is available locally to you.

A word on sealants: Durability ratings are something I’d avoid mostly for comparison because they can be completely different by the cause of the degradation of the sealant and can be totally different based on the paint you are applying to. (There is no general correlation btw, so even cars from the same factory with the same paint will behave differently)

What I personally look for is the following

  • does the Product do damage to your car, is there reports of evidence in that direction?
  • does the Product do damage to you personally as the user and what precautions do I need to take and are there comparable products that are less damaging?
  • does the Product do damage to your environment (most of us live where we wash, and you sure don’t want poisonous stuff in your garden)?

For different needs different strengths of product are needed, our other detailing theory articles provide further info on this

Updated on 5 July 2023

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