Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is stronger than a garden hose and uses less water during the wash. It also allows you to attach a foam cannon to soak a vehicle in soap in a matter of minutes.

However, they are not a necessary purchase and can be pricey, so we asked our subscribers to chime in on what they use, why they like it, and what gripes they may have with their washers. Additionally, you’ll find some recommended soaps to go with your washer if you choose to get a foam cannon.

Our subscribers recommend the following soaps:

Any soap can be used in a foam cannon. Some may foam up better than others, you have to play with the settings on your cannon to get the foam output of your liking.

Prices were recorded at the time of the page edit and are subject to change, so they may be different on the vendor pages.

There are obviously tons of choices when it comes to pressure washers, we suggest doing some other Googling to get reviews off of Amazon and other retailers’ websites. The most popular brands are AR Blue, Ryobi, and Sun Joe.

BrandModelGas/ElectricFoam Cannon & adaptersProsConsPrice
AR Blue Clean383ElectricComes with foam cannonCleaning power, low use of water, good pressureThe “quick connect” end can be a PIA to connect. The unit looses it’s prime and need to be purged in-order to work again, original pressure hose is garbage$263
Briggs & Stratton020681ElectricN/AExtremely compact. Motor itself can be removed from carrier and hung up or placed under a cabinet. No hose reel; doesn’t like hoses longer than 50′ $180
Briggs & Straton020680ElectricN/ALight, Relatively long cord, Nozzle switching is quick with the rotating head.The high flow rate at low PSI is great for cleaning cars with. No insane pressure to damage any paint/trim/etc but good flow to remove soaps and debrisThe high PSI requires a pinpoint nozzle to achieve and is only at 1.2gpm. This makes cleaning undercarriage and such during the winter for salt difficult. I live in Maryland so its not a big issue 90% of the time$189
Greenworks1500 PSIElectricUber Foam CannonVery small and lightweight (great for mobile jobs), electric (no exhaust fumes), reliable (frequent use for 2 years, no issues)Hose that came with it was pretty cheap, burst after about 6 months use. Bought a new hose and it’s been perfect$99.99
Greenworks1600 PSIElectricMTMInexpensive, compact, quiet, lightweight/easy to move, does a great job removing dirt with the initial rinse or foaming (better than a coin wash in my experience), can work for more than just car washing (did great cleaning the gutters)No high pressure hose management (if I had to do it over I’d get the version with a hose reel), the included high pressure hose is a bit too short and required moving the washer multiple times during washing$119.99
KarcherK2.360 & K2.350 – old versions of K.2300ElectricMTMIt creates quite enough pressure to use the foam lance quite effectively. Other than that, it’s pretty unremarkable; I don’t use any of the other features very muchDifficult to rinse a car with a pressure washer. Has no purpose without foam cannon attached$130
KranzleK1122TSTElectricAutogeek Foam Cannon & Kranzle AdapterStrong, rinses well, undercarriage attachment availableSet up time, price$1,500+
NilfiskC 100.7-5ElectricAutobritePower, stronger than regular hoseSet up time15 ISK ($115 USA) – European unit
NilfiskC 120.6ElectricComes with oneSolid construction, well-equipped, affordableShort power cable$120 (France) – European unit
Powerstroke2200 PSIGasMTMStrong, no foam cannon adapters, uses less waterLoud, set up time, wear and tear$200
Ryobi1600 PSIElectricN/AHigh pressure, compact, universal tipsLoud$99
Ryobi1800 PSIElectricMTM, $4 fitting from Home DepotSmall, light, powerfulNoise$129
Ryobi1900 PSIElectricMTMWheels, roll up crank for hose, separate canister for soapsLoud$159
Ryobi2700 PSIGasPressure washer jet foam cannonVery powerful, extra tips, toggle switch for chemicalsExhaust, loud$250
Ryobi3100 PSIGasN/APowerfulDrain valve in sensitive area$399
Simpson HondaGC190 3100 PSIGasMTMHonda engine, other general home use, idle downLoud, garden hose has trouble keeping up$429.99
Sun JoeSPX3000ElectricMTMReliable, built in cannon, compactCheap build, plastic valve may need replacing, short hose$159.99

Updated on 13 July 2023

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