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Detailing Chemical Reviews

Here you’ll find reviews of auto detailing chemicals by the contributors of reddit’s Auto Detailing subreddit, sorted by manufacturer.

Chemical is defined as a product that is instantly utilized in the process of detailing.


Click on the column headings to sort by that column alphabetically.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner303Leather 3-in-1 Complete CareLink
Protectant (Rubber)303Rubber Seal ProtectantLink, Link
Protectant (VRT)303Aerospace ProtectantLink
Headlights3MHeadlight Restoration KitLink
Wax/Sealant3DHD PoxyLink
Interior Conditioner3DLVPLink
Protectant (Trim)3DTrim Care ProtectantLink
ApplicatorAdam's PolishesHex Grip Tire Dressing ApplicatorLink
GlazeAdam's PolishesBrilliant GlazeLink
Interior CleanerAdam's PolishesLeather & Interior CleanerLink
SoapAdam's PolishesCar ShampooLink
SoapAdam's PolishesStrip WashLink
Spray WaxAdam's PolishesH20 Guard & GlossLink
Tire and Rubber CleanerAdam's PolishesTire & Rubber CleanerLink
Tire ShineAdam's PolishesTire ShineLink
Trim RestorationAdam's PolishesBlack Trim RestorerLink
Wheel CleanerAdam's PolishesWheel CleanerLink
APCAMMO NYCCitrus AP CleanerLink
Interior CleanerAMMO NYCLather Interior CleanserLink, Link
DryingAMMO NYCHydrateLink, Link
SoapAMMO NYCFoamLink
Spray WaxAMMO NYCSpit Emergency ShineLink, Link
WheelsAMMO NYCWheel Regimen KitLink
CoatingAMMO NYCReflexLink, Link
Glass CoatingAquapelAquapelLink
SoapArmor AllCar Wash ConcentrateLink
Wheel & Tire CleanerArmor AllArmorAll QuicksilverLink
PolishAuto FinesseTrippleLink
WaxBay Auto CareCar WaxLink
SoapBilt HamberAuto-FoamLink
Wheel CleanerBilt HamberAuto WheelLink
Compound & PolishBlackfireTotal Swirl Remover KitLink
Glass CleanerBlackfireGlass CleanerLink
Trim RestorationBlackWowBlackWow ClassicLink
Protectant (Rubber)Boyd CoddingtonExtreme Black Tire And Rubber DressingLink
Wheel CleanerBoyd CoddingtonOne Step Wheel CleanerLink
Protectant (Rubber)BriteMaxRubber MaxLink
Interior ConditionerBriteMaxInterior DressingLink
Interior CleanerBriteMaxInterior CleanerLink
Quick DetailerBubble BrandQuick DetailerLink
WaxC.A.R.Speed SealLink, Link
CoatingCarProCQuartz UKLink, Link, Link, Link
Coating (Plastic/Rubber)CarProDLUXLink, Link
DecontaminationCarProIron-X PasteLink
Glass PolishCarProCeriglassLink, Link
PolishCarProEssenceLink, Link
Protectant (Plastic)CarProPerlLink, Link
SealantCarProReloadLink, Link
SoapCarProResetLink, Link
SoapCarProIron-X Snow SoapLink
SoapCarProHydro2foamLink, Link
Quick DetailerCarProElixirLink
Water Spot RemoverCarProSpotlessLink
Trim CoatingCerakoteCeramic Trim CoatLink
Ceramic CoatingChemical GuysHydroslick Intense Gloss SIO2 Ceramic Coating HyperwaxLink
DressingChemical GuysVRP DressingLink
Leather CleanerChemical Guys5050 Limited SeriesLink
Leather ConditionerChemical Guys5050 Limited SeriesLink
PolishChemical GuysFinal PolishLink
PolishChemical GuysDeep Reflections XPLink
SealantChemical GuysBlacklightLink, Link, Link
SealantChemical GuysJetSealLink
SealantChemical GuysJetSealLink
SoapChemical GuysGlossworkzLink
SoapChemical GuysMaxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash ShampooLink
SoapChemical GuysEcoSmart Hyper Concentrated Car Wash & WaxLink
Quick DetailerChemical GuysV07Link
Waterless WashChemical GuysEcoSmart-RULink
WaxChemical Guys3X Paste WaxLink
WaxChemical GuysPete's '53Link
WaxChemical Guys5050 Limited SeriesLink
WaxChemical GuysExtreme Depth Liquid Carnauba Creme Wax + X-SealLink
WheelsChemical GuysDiablo Wheel CleanerLink
WheelsChemical GuysSignature Series Wheel CleanerLink
CompoundClear FinishP1 Perfect Cut CompoundLink
CompoundClear Finish1-Shot AIOLink
WaxCollinite845Link, Link, Link
Waterless WashDetail PopoUniverse WashLink
DecontaminationDodo JuiceSupernatural Ferro LubeLink
SoapDodo JuiceWax Safe WashLink
WaxDodo JuicePurple HazeLink
Rinseless WashDPCReviveLink
Spray SealantDPCSealantLink
Matte PaintDr BeasleysMatte Paint PrescriptionLink
CoatingDr BeasleysNano ResinLink
CoatingDr BeasleysNano LS-10Link
Air FreshenerDUOVent ClipLink
WheelsEagle OneA2Z All Wheel & Tire CleanerLink
Protectant (Rubber)EinszettGummi Pflege StickLink
Spray SealantFeynlabCeramic Spray SealantLink
PolishFLEX3401 Intermediate Swirl Remover KitLink
Trim RestorationForever BlackBumper & Trim Dye KitLink
Protectant (Vinyl)Four StarUltimate Vinyl Protectant SprayLink
SealantGriot's GarageGriot's Garage Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax Link
CompoundGriots GarageFast Correcting CreamLink, Link, Link, Link
Plastic CleanerGriots GaragePlastic CleanerLink
Plastic PolishGriots GaragePlastic PolishLink
SoapGriots GarageBrilliant Finish Car WashLink, Link
SoapGriots GarageFoaming Poly GlossLink
Synthetic ClayGriots GarageBrilliant Finish Synthetic ClayLink, Link
WaxGriots Garage3-in-1 WaxLink
CoatingGTechniqCrystal Serum LightLink, Link
Trim RestorationGTechniqC4 Permanent Trim RestorerLink
CoatingGyeonQ² SyncroLink
DecontaminationGyeonQ²M Iron RemoverLink
Spray CoatingGyeonQ² CanCoatLink
Spray SealantGyeonQ²M WetCoatLink, Link
Tire ProtectantGyeonQ² TireLink, Link
WaxGyeonQ² WaxLink
Window CoatingGyeonQ² ViewLink
Paint ProtectionIGLEcoshine Renew F4Link
PolishJescarMicro Finishing PolishLink
CoatingKamikazeOver CoatLink
Trim RestorationKrazy (As Seen on TV)Krazy KlothLink
LeatherLeatheriqueRejuvinatorLink, Link, Link, Link, Link
LeatherLeatheriquePrestine CleanLink, Link, Link
LeatherLeather TherapyRestorer & ConditionerLink
LeatherLeather DoctorsLeather DoctorsLink
All Purpose CleanerLowriderAll Purpose CleanerLink
Tire ShineLowriderTire ShineLink
SoapLowriderExtreme Car WashLink
WaxLowriderLiquid WaxLink
HeadlightsMcKee's 37Headlight Restoration KitLink
HeadlightsMcKee's 37All In One Headlight Restoring PolishLink
Metal PolishMcKee's 37FAST Metal PolishLink
SoapMcKee's 37Auto Bath ShampooLink
SoapMcKee's 37Power Wash - Wash & WaxLink
Plastic CleanerMcKee's 37Wax Remover for PlasticLink
Waterless WashMcKee's 37N-914 Rinseless WashLink
All Purpose CleanerMeguiarsD10101 APCLink
WaxMeguiar'sHybrid Ceramic WaxLink, Link, Link
CompoundMeguiarsM01 Mirror Glaze Medium-Cut CleanerLink
CompoundMeguiarsUltimate CompoundLink, Link
HeadlightsMeguiarsHeadlight Restoration KitLink
InteriorMeguiarsCarpet & Cloth RefresherLink
Plastic CleanerMeguiarsPlastXLink, Link
Polishing WaxMeguiarsD166 Ultra Polishing WaxLink
SoapMeguiarsGold ClassLink, Link
SoapMeguiarsDeep Crystal Car WashLink
Spray ClayMeguiarsIron Removing Spray "Clay"Link
Spray SealantMeguiarsM799 Pro Ceramic Bead BoosterLink
Tire ShineMeguiarsHot Shine Tire ShineLink
Waterless Wash and WaxMeguiarsUltimate Waterless Wash & WaxLink
Wheel CleanerMeguiarsMirror Bright Wheel CleanerLink
Wheel CleanerMeguiarsDUB Wheel CleanerLink, Link
Wheel CleanerMeguiarsUltimate All Wheel CleanerLink
Wheel & Tire CleanerMeguiarsD143 Detailer Non Acid Wheel & Tire CleanerLink
WaxMenzernaJascar Color Lock Carnauba WaxLink, Link
SoapMTMPerfoamance High Foaming Detailing SoapLink
SoapNanolexPure ShampooLink
Wheel CleanerNanolexNanolex Wheel CleanerLink
All Purpose CleanerNanoskinNanoskin Grease Free Power Cleaner and DegreaserLink
Glass SealantNanoskinRain Glass SealantLink, Link, Link
Wheel & Tire CleanerNanoskinNon-Acid Wheel & Tire CleanerLink
SealantNEXGENCeramic SprayLink
Plastic CleanerNextzettPlastic Deep CleanerLink
Protectant (Rubber)NextzettGummi Pflege Rubber Care StickLink
Quick DetailerNextzettPerfect ShineLink
Wheel CleanerNextzettWheel CleanerLink
Water Stain RemoverNothin's BetterPowder Blue LabelLink
CoatingOptimumGloss-CoatLink, Link Link
TiresOptimumOpti-Bond Tire GelLink
Polish (Spray)OptimumGPSLink
PolishOptimumHyper PolishLink
Waterless WashOptimumNo Rinse (ONR)Link, Link, Link
Waterless WashOptimumOpti-CleanLink
Paint ProtectantP&SBead MakerLink
SoapP21STotal Auto WashLink
Wheel CleanerP21SWheel Cleaner - GelLink
CoatingPinnacleBlack Label Diamond Surface CoatingLink
SoapPinnacleNatural Brilliance Bodywork ShampooLink, Update
ProtectantPinnacleVinyl and Rubber Cleaner and ConditionerLink
CoatingPolish AngelCosmic SpritzLink
Engine CleaningPolish AngelEngineLink
PlasticPolywatchPolywatch Plastic Lens Scratch RemoverLink
DecontaminationPoorboy'sBug SquashLink
DecontaminationPoorboy'sBird Sh#t RemoverLink
Microfiber CleanerPoorboy'sTyphoon Microfiber CleanerLink
Pad CleanerPoorboy'sTornado Pad CleanerLink
Glass CleanerRain-XX-treme CleanLink
Glass SealantRain-XOriginal Glass Water RepellentLink
Glass CleanerSafeliteAuto Glass CleanerLink
CoatingShine SupplyBeadlock ProLink
DecontaminationSM ArnoldSpeed Prep PadLink
Trim RestorationSolution FinishBlack Trim RestorerLink, Link, Link
Quick DetailerSonaxSonax Brilliant Shine DetailerLink
PolishSonaxPerfect FinishLink
Trim RestorationSonaxPlastic Trim Restoration GelLink
Wheel CleanerSonaxWheel Cleaner PLUSLink
Wheel ProtectantSonaxWheel Rim ShieldLink
DecontaminationStoner Car CareTarminatorLink
Glass CleanerStoner Car CareInvisible Glass (Spray), Invisible Glass (Aerosol)Link
Trim CleanerStoner Car CareTrim CleanerLink
Trim RestorationStoner Car CareTrim ShineLink
CoatingThe Gloss ShopTITANLink
Waterless WashThe Gloss ShopSublime Express WashLink
TopperThe Last CoatAMPLink
Interior Cleaner & ConditionerTechnician's Choice419 One and DoneLink
SealantTrinovaGold Standard SealantLink
All Purpose CleanerTuff StuffMulti-Purpose Foam CleanerLink
PolishTurtle WaxCeramic Polish & WaxLink, Link
SealantUltimaPaint Guard PlusLink
PolishUltimaFlawless Finish SystemLink
Protectant (Vinyl, Rubber)UltimaTrim and Tire Guard PlusLink
Rinseless WashWolfgangUber Rinseless WashLink
WaxWolfgangFüzion Carnauba Polymer Estate WaxLink
All Purpose CleanerWowo'sAll Purpose CleanerLink
Glass CleanerWowo'sGlass CleanerLink
Interior CleanerWowo'sInterior CleanerLink, Link
Interior ConditionerWowo'sInterior FinisherLink, Link
Quick DetailerWowo'sQuick DetailerLink
Quick DetailerWowo'sShow StopperLink
SealantWowo'sCrystal SealantLink
Tire DressingWowo'sTyre RestorerLink
WaxWowo'sContact 121Link
Wheel CleanerWowo'sClean WheelsLink
Updated on 21 November 2022

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