Steam Cleaners

Steam is a very useful tool for detailers. It can be utilized on both the interior and exterior as well as the engine bay for sensitive cleaning areas. Steam cleaners are also very useful around the house!

Use distilled or soft water when using a steam cleaner to prevent mineral deposits from clogging or damaging the machine.

BrandModelPriceProsConsAdditional Comments
McCulloch1275$149Small, comes with a few attachments, heats up wellCheap plastic construction, small tank, about an 45 minutes – hour of continuous useFor ~$30 more you can upgrade to the 1375 which is stronger and has more attachments
McCulloch1375$179Strong, inexpensive, heats up quicklyHigh pressure attachments can come loose, plastic braided shield broke quickly 
McCulloch1385$199Produces lots of steam, easy set up, lots of attachmentsCheap plastic feel, no canister gauge to show how much water in the tank, included bag does not hold everything 
SteamfastSF370 WH$130Lightweight, decent pressure, variety of attachmentsSteam isn’t the hottest, need to stop using from time to time to build pressure 
VapamoreMR 100$350Small, powerfulSmall tank, continuous refill problems 
Vapor SystemsVX5000$995Stainless steel construction, durable, usage time, plenty of attachmentsPrice, short hose, heat up time, clunky 
Updated on 13 July 2023

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